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Looking for a devoted and adorable pet dog that can also be a great watchdog for your house? If so, Rat terrier dogs are just what you are looking for. This dog is well-muscled and has a compact body. Its ears can be upright or tipped and will erect when it is alert. The tail of this dog breed can either be short or full. This dog breed also comes in different coats which are the sable, red and white, blue and white, red and brindle, tri-spotted, and solid red. They can stand up to 13 to 18 inches and weighs from 10 to 25 pounds.

Rat Terriers is less aggressive than a Parson Russell. Although Rat Terriers can be as active as the other dogs like Parson Russell, but there are times that they just want to lounge and rest. This dog is very sensitive to sudden noises, movements, owner’s mood, and strangers. This dog is commonly energetic and really safe to be left with young kids. It is quite simple to educate since it is smart and calmer as opposed to some other terrier breeds. Well, how they are properly trained on their younger days is the foundation on just how they will behave, just the same as with some other breeds of dog.

Grooming Rat terriers is quite simple to do. Daily combing is important, but bathing them can be carried out at times. Just give it a shower when it’s needed.

Level Of Energy and Workouts
Whenever you listen to the word terrier, the majority of individuals think of a restless, energetic, and a noisy dog. Nonetheless, that’s an incorrect description of them. Simply they should be brought for a walk or soft running to have their daily dose of workout. They’ll be pleased to stay next to their masters while watching TV or playing games as they play. But doing this often will make them really feel bored allowing them to misbehave. Having said that, you need to do some activities that could encourage or unleash the active part of them. Additionally, they can swim very well.

Training Methods
Owners must be persistent in training given that they often lost their interest and behave stubborn. Great training techniques should be used for this dog to be trained. Don’t be cruel, instead be warm and gentle when teaching terrier dog breed for them to be a very good pet dog. This dog breed is advisable to train when they are still a puppy.

Health and Expected Life
Self damaging injuries are not likely to take place to a Rat Terrier simply because they are not very lively kind of dogs. Even now, allergies and coat issues can be experienced by this dog breed. They can have a life span of 18-23 years which makes them long-term pets.

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